The Running Awards 2020

It’s been over a month since I lasted posted on here. I have a buzzing head full of ideas for pieces I want to write but at the moment, with the world once again turned upside down, the motivation to write is hard to grasp at. However, I did want to pop on with some incredible news.

Just before Christmas The Running Awards finally announced their winners for the year and the Best Personal Blog goes to… US!!!

No one has ever won the award twice and so it means the world that you all went out and voted for this little blog again. I wrote this back in 2018 when I won last time and it still rings true: “To say this little blog means the world to me would be a massive understatement. It has been my therapy through the darker times, my trumpet in gleeful moments and ultimately an opportunity to create and interact with a community of wonderful and likeminded people. It’s so incredibly touching to know that my writing isn’t just a shout into the vast void of the internet.”

The trophy will sit next to the other one on my bookshelf as constant reminders to create, care and grow this community. I can’t thank you enough for making 2020 a little bit brighter.

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