Heart & Heat

As the start line draws ever near, I thought I would share two more weird and wonderful experiences I have had in the build-up to the Marathon des Sables. Heart My Marathon des Sables was almost over before it began as the doctors unearthed a heart condition, I had been completely oblivious to. To take … Continue reading Heart & Heat


There is no way around it, no way to dress up the words in falsehoods and certainly no way to filter the fear with a hashtag or two: I am nervous. The desert of the Marathon des Sables is coming whether I am ready or not. For those of you who follow me on social media … Continue reading Doubt.

My First DNF

Before this race even started, I contemplated quitting. Pulling back the curtains the morning before the race revealed a hurdle I had not accounted for, let alone trained for: a heavy deluge of snow. The snow lay thickly upon the ground, silently mocking my precarious mental strength. The race ahead was the biggest running challenge … Continue reading My First DNF