The Morning Coffee Run Crew

Last month some of you will found the golden ticket in the post; a place in the iconic London Marathon. For many of you it will be the first marathon you’ll ever do, it was for me. For the lead up to next year's London I wanted to do something special; rather than telling my story, … Continue reading The Morning Coffee Run Crew


Not Running

This month I am suppose to be running a marathon, I’ve had it pencilled in since November but come raceday I won’t be lining up with everyone else. The thought of not racing hadn't crossed my mind until a few of my friends suggested dropping it, followed by my running coach a week later (yes … Continue reading Not Running

My Running Award

I’ve never been good at taking compliments, I blame my British sense of decorum. Winning Best Personal Blog at The Running Awards on Thursday was the ultimate compliment and it rendered me completely speechless. If you listen carefully to the video below by Baze187 you will hear a weird gulping noise I make after my … Continue reading My Running Award