Half Marathons

Hampton Court Half Marathon 2017:

Highlights: What a difference a year makes! In 2016 I was really unimpressed by the race. 2017 it was perfect. Hampton Court has now become my favourite half marathon. Great route taking you along the Thames and through beautiful parts of London. Incredibly well organised, we got a text with our time moments after crossing the finish line. HUGE medal, great photographs and great aid stations. I can’t recommend this race enough, I will be there in 2018 so fingers crossed it wasn’t a one year blip!

Lowlights: None. Well done Hampton Court.

Windsor Winter Half Marathon 2016:

Highlights: Super flat, beautiful run around Eton Downey lake. Other race distances which meant everyone could get involved.

Lowlights: literally four loos! It was an icy day but there weren’t any warnings where it was icy and I saw a few people slip up. Cars started to leave using the course as the way out was very dangerous. Medal was pretty ugly.

Cheltenham Half Marathon 2016:

Highlights: Really great medal. Wonderful course with plenty to see. Fast course too. Friendly and helpful marshalls. Beautiful race.

Lowlights: the only reason this race isnt 4 and a half cups or even 5 is because of logisitcs. The start and finish village was in Cheltenham’s iconic race course and despite the management from the race course saying they need all entrances open and more marshalls the had little help to find the start and horrific traffic jams to the start. The previous years it had been somewhere else which runners who had done the race before favoured so hopefully they will listen and learn. The lap of the race course itself was multiterrain and not really suitable in my opinion.

Great North Run 2016:

Highlights: Running with my brother

Lowlights: Literally everything. It stems from it simply being too big a race for the size of the place. I spent the entire race weieving through crowds of  inexperienced runners who didn’t know what do to when the wanted to slow down so just walk in the middle of the track causing huge problems. The transport system in Newcastle simply cannot cope with the amount of runners and supporters. Subpar Medal. Would not recommend this race at all.

Reading Half Marathon 2016:

Highlights: Perfectly orgainised from the free shuttle buses to the race itself. Support was incredible and the race has a variety of testing parts. Felt like the whole city was behind the race. Spinning medal!

Lowlights: No trains from my part of the world to Reading on the day of the race so had to stay in Reading the night before. Long wait at the start before we could start running.

Silverstone Half 2016:

Highlights: Super flat course. Incredibly well organised. For anyone who loves motorracing you cannot miss out on the chance to run on the iconic track.

Lowlights: Lots of looping parts which can test you. Not much too look at as its a race track! Very exposed can imagine on a windy and rainy day it would be a pretty grim half marathon!

Full Race Report

Hampton Court Half Marathon 2016:

Highlights: running along the Thames is a sight to behold, good number of ‘facilities’ at the start.

Lowlights: very badly organised the race started almost an hour late, felt like it needed more marshals.

Conwy Half Marathon 2015:

Highlights: the incredible views, the hard course, the Welsh support, best half marathon I’ve run to date.

Lowlights: part of the route near the beach was very narrow leading to a bit of tail back if you got stuck behind slower runners.

Oxford Half Marathon 2015:

Highlights: top notch medal and technical shirt, very flat course, great support.

Lowlights: some of the route is just running up and down an empty road between Oxford and Marston. Felt the race would have been perfect if the route had stayed inside Oxford.

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    Awesome! I have a bucket list of my own as well and I’m excited to get each of them done! 🙂 It’s really cool that you want to meet Aung San Suu Kyi. A very remarkable woman. 🙂 I like #2 the most! Maybe I can borrow that and add it to my list as well. 😀 I hope you complete this and make another one soon! 🙂

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    I just started following your blog!!! The Bucket List Page is an excellent idea – I’m so glad that we connected over the “blogger miles.” Happy New Year. Looking forward to the adventures that are awaiting us in 2013…

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