Rome Marathon 2017:

Highlights: History, so much history! A constant string of sites in a great well planned route. Aid stations were amazing and despite the awful rain the support was fantastic. The most beautiful medal EVER. Goes in second place behind my all time favourite marathon; London.

Lowlights: Lack of photographers. A bit of a mission to get back out after the finish. Thats it. A whisper away from 5 cups!

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Athens Marathon 2016:

Highlights: The history of the course, the original marathon, is a huge draw. Finishing in the stadium is incredible and the small but passionate support was truly heartwarming.

Lowlights: Because the course leads from Marathon to Athens it is mainly running along a dual carriageway and there is not a lot to see. The medal while beautiful is a little beaten up because it is used year in year out.

San Francisco Marathon 2016:

Highlights: Running cross the Golden Gate Bridge, the amazing medal, best expo, awesome route taking in all of San Francisco. As a tourist is shows you all the great places and views the city has to offer. It is a race I couldn’t recommend more!

Lowlights: no photographer on the Golden Gate. Early race means not a lot of crowd support.

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Copenhagen Marathon 2016:

Highlights: Flat, Fun course. Awesome to finish with a beer given out at the finish line. Great bands playing along the route.

Lowlights: A lot of looping parts that did make parts of the race feel very endless. While it was not the marathons fault the heat put a real dampener on the day.

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Virgin London Marathon 2016:

Highlights: The Support! If you ever want to feel like a celebrity run this marathon with your name on your shirt. The course is iconic, goosebumps creating, wide and above all well manned water stations. It was my first marathon but will be what all marathons are measured by

Lowlights: Couldn’t name one. Perfect Race.

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